Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does a consultation cost?

A. Free office consultations are provided for personal injury, wrongful death, criminal (DUI) cases, and divorce.


Q. How much are your attorney fees?

A. Fees for general litigation vary from contingency to hourly depending on the specifics of the case. Please call me to discuss the specific nature of your case to determine what the fee structure will be.


Q. Can you guarantee that you will win my case?

A. Past success is no guarantee of future success. Each case can vary greatly depending on the facts, the law and the witness’ ability to clearly set out their case.


Q. What is the history of the Landmark building?

A. The Landmark building was the home of Auburn’s former mayor, Felton Little. The Victorian style house was built in 1893.


Q. How many jury trials have you had?

A. Including civil and criminal cases, I have had 100 or more trials by jury.

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