I have represented hundreds of defendants in misdemeanor and felony cases in city, state, and federal court. The longest criminal trial I have worked on was a drug case that lasted two and one-half weeks in federal court.  My longest civil case was filed in 2002 against a quarry for causing sinkholes and blast damage to homes. We represented approximately 30 families, a County, and a City. In 2004 we tried part of the case for two weeks and obtained a 1.1 Million dollar verdict. After an appeal, all cases were settled in 2007 and 2008..  I have represented the State of Alabama in approximately sixty (60) condemnation cases. I tried five or six of these with juries.


In 2014, I represented a student charged with having sex with a minor.  Before Grand Jury, I gathered evidence and proved to both law enforcement and prosecutors that they had arrested the wrong man. All charges were dismissed.  In 2015, I represented a couple charged with child abuse, the only evidence being a spiral fracture of the child’s left arm.  I gathered evidence and recent medical articles to prove to the Judge there was no evidence of abuse. The charges were dismissed.


Please see my resume below for a more detailed list of my experience, or you may download it as a PDF by clicking here.


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